Have kids, they said …

Kids. Ain’t nothin’ sweeter in the world. Nothing that radiates more joy, more simplistic enthusiasm, more love, than children.


I am a Stay At Home Mother to three children, all under the age of five. Yes, we realise how it happened. Yes, I have my hands full. Yes, it can be chaotic at times all the time. No, I’ve not lost my mind. Yet.

Let’s meet my kids. Princess is 4, going on 14. Precocious, very clever (too clever to con) with a memory like an elephant. Main goal in life: to have hair like Rapunzel. BoyChild is 2 (nearly 3). Rambunctious and silent like a ninja, a combination which will, I’m sure, serve him well one day. Not today. Baby Girl is, well, a baby. Eager to join in with the older two. Frighteningly determined and adorably cute, perhaps the one to watch.

Let it be said at this point, I adore my children. I love them to pieces, my life would be incomplete without them. This blog is in no way intended to humiliate them, hence not using their real names. Wait, what?! You didn’t really name your son, BoyChild?? No. These kids give me great joy and laughter a million times a day. They also lead me to a level of frustration I never thought possible.

The aim of this blog is to tell the truth. People talk about all the amazing things their kids do, there is a hideous undercurrent of competition amongst parents. I do that too, I’m sure. But I also am realistic about my kids. Sometimes, Princess is that kid picking their nose at mat time. Occassionally, BoyChild was that kid taking cupcakes off other kids at a bbq.

Having kids has taught me a lot, about life, about people, about myself.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Mrs T

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