What Happens When Mum Gets Sick?

Being a Mum sure comes with it’s advantages. And when you become a mother, you essentially put parts of your life on hold so as to allow these little people you have created to become the best they can be.

Children are needy and naive, they require reassurance, comfort and emotional support. Which is easy most of the time. But, what happens when Mum gets sick?

I have a cold. Or flu perhaps. And last night I was convinced it was meningitis and how was I going to get to the hospital with three kids in tow? But, today I think it’s just a wickedly horrid head cold. Nonetheless, it’s yuk. I feel yuk.


I’m representing all of the seven dwarfs simultaneously – all, that is, except Doc. With special mention to Sneezy and Dopey. And Sleepy. And Shivering Mess. There wasn’t a Dwarf named Shivering Mess? Well, there should have been.

This is the type of cold that, Pre Children, would have seen me lying in bed watching Dr Phil all afternoon. Then dragging my pyjama-clad, heavy body into the kitchen for some soup, perhaps flopping into the bath for a long soak, and then back to bed.

Sigh. That just doesn’t happen when you are responsible for three little kiddles. I shudder to think what my little angels would get up to if I were to take myself to bed. And a long soak in the bath? Ha! I’d barely have dipped my toes before being overwhelmed with tap tap tap knock knock knock MUMMMMM what are you DOOINGGGG IN THE BATHHHHHH MUMMMMMM I WANT IN TOOOOOOOOO.

And, even when you can’t muster the energy for food, the kids still need to eat.

So, what happens when Mum gets sick?

She powers on. She ignores the headaches, doses up high with panadol and coffee. She manages to change the bedding that got wet last night and hang two loads of washing on the line. She clears the kitchen and cooks dinner. She vacuums the floor. She sneezes and sneezes and makes the kids laugh.

Then, she sits down. She turns on a DVD and gives the kids an ice block each. She reminds them that, for today, inside voices are awesome. She, for all intents and purposes, ignores her children. And, they seem to get it today. They just play quietly. Sure, Mum may throw a tantrum when the remote can’t be found and the DVD has stopped and the baby is crying and WHY IS ALL THE CUTLERY IN THE LOUNGE? But that’s ok, because then Mum takes herself down to her bedroom and sits on her bed for a minute to “regroup”. And then makes herself a cup of tea. And grits her teeth. And looks forward to the moment when the kids are finally in bed and she can sit with her feet up, perhaps sob a little, and actually be sick.

I guess my point in all this is, Mums tend not to win the race on a normal day and when they are sick, it’s just multiplied. But that it’s ok to turn the telly on and ignore your kids, they will be ok. Sometimes we Mums have to remind ourselves to take care of US as well.

Or perhaps my point is, I’m sick today and it blows. I think it might be ice block time. For the kids and me.

And, heaven help us if Dad gets sick. But that’s another story.

2 thoughts on “What Happens When Mum Gets Sick?

  1. I’m sick too. I don’t have babies to look after, but a pregnant belly instead. I feel hard done by as it is, so reading your post made me feel like maybe I had it ok being able to watch episode after episode of House of Cards. Feel better soon!

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