Day #7 – Pea, Pie & ‘Pud

Ah, leftovers. Probably Mr T’s and my biggest failing in the kitchen. Neither of us are terribly fond of leftovers. But, the whole purpose of this challenge is to utilise what I have etc. Leftovers are a necessary component of home cooking and I really need to learn to use them and, more so, enjoy them.

Tonight we are having a meal nearly entirely made up from last night’s leftovers. I decided to make Pea, Pie & ‘Pud. That is, peas, pies and potatoes. I decided to make Potato Pancakes with the potatoes and an egg, they come out like little pikelets/thick pancakes. Princess helped me with the pies and she had a lot of fun doing it, she was able to scoop the mince out and create her own “pies”. Special shout outs to her pie “with a window”, her absolutely teeny tiny pie that she made for her brother, and her “pie with no meat” (aka a ball of pastry).



Puff Pastry (I used sheets of frozen pastry that I thawed out)

Leftover mince

Cut the pastry into rectangles. Put a small amount of mince in the lower half of the rectangle. Fold over the pastry and press down the edges with your fingers. Bake in the oven for 20ish minutes, until the pastry is cooked.


Potato Pancakes

Leftover mashed potato


Mix together and fry to make little pancakes



Cook peas.


Yum. Not a fancy meal by any means but, as with last night’s meal, it hit the spot. We have two pies leftover so they will be tomorrow’s lunch.


I’m really enjoying this challenge at the moment – I have noticed a significant increase in the nightly dishes but I popped into the supermarket today and realised that I don’t need to buy large amounts of food like we normally would, because I’m making so much from home.

Week one done and dusted and we have survived – on to week two!



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