Day #8 – Sunshine Breakfast for Dinner ☼


Princess has her very own cookbook. It is a Barbie cookbook that we received second hand a few years ago. It is an older book and contains very basic recipes for all kinds of foods. Last week I came into the living room to discover Princess had emptied my entire recipe book collection all over the floor (I say “recipe book” but, truth be told, the majority of them are cake/cupcake decorating books). I asked her to please put them all away and she did, all except the Barbie one. She said to me, “Mum, this is my cookbook. I will keep this one”. Fair enough, I said.

Today she bought the book over to me and asked if we could please make dinner from one of the recipes in the book. Based on what we had in the house, we decided to make Sunshine Breakfast for dinner. For the kids, that is – Mr T and I had Chicken Wraps.

Sunshine Breakfast

3 slices of bread

1 egg

Cut one slice of bread into a circle and cut out the centre (so you have an O shape). Put some butter into a frying pan and lightly brown the bread O on one side. Flip over and while it is browning on the other side, crack an egg into the centre. When the egg is cooked “sunny side up” (get it? GET IT?) remove from the pan. Place in the centre of the plate and toast the remaining pieces of bread (I did them in the toaster even though Barbie does them in the pan). Slice them into “rays” and voila, your sunshine is complete. It you leave the yolk a little runny, the kids can dip the toast rays into the sun. Yum, I’m told. And easy as well – Princess made the majority of this herself. I hovered very close when she flipped it in the pan and I cracked the egg in, but she essentially did the rest!


Chicken Wraps

Chicken breast, diced



Salad items (I used spinach and dressing, grated carrot and grated cheese)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Cook the chicken through and then add some rosemary to the pan. Once this is cooked, set aside and prepare the other ingredients. Microwave the tortillas for approximately 30 secs to warm them through. Serve in separate dishes, half of the fun in this meal is making your own wraps how you like them. Even the kids get in on this one, they love it.



Another easy one. Win. Princess wolfed down her Sunshine plate as well as a fully-packed wrap, and BabyGirl and BoyChild both enjoyed the components of the wraps.

Tomorrow night, schnitzel? Lamb stirfry? I kinda feel like rice … but, for right now, it’s kids-are-asleep-so-i’m-going-to-eat-marshmallows time 😀

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