Day #9 – Broccoli and Bacon Salad with Schnitzel and Rice

A few weeks ago I had lunch at a cafe and got the most delicious Broccoli and Bacon salad. Since then I have wanted to re-create it. In fact, I have purchased broccoli twice now with the intention of making the salad, but always end up eating the broccoli some other way. Not tonight – tonight we have dinner guests. They are grown ups! Granted, it’s my sister and her partner but still – Grown Ups! Wee hee!

So, I decided to make the broccoli and bacon salad and serve it with beef schnitzel and brown rice, coating the schnitzel with breadcrumbs. I did a quick google search for salad recipes and found a lot of them with the same basic idea, so made one based around that.

Broccoli and Bacon Salad





Vinegar (I used Red Wine Vinegar because it’s what I have)


Cut the broccoli and cook it until it is still a little bit crunchy. Cook the bacon and dice it into small pieces. Make the dressing by combining the mayo, vinegar and sugar. Add the dressing to the bacon and the broccoli and mix to ensure it’s all covered.

(I should mention – there are almonds in the picture of ingredients but I didn’t use them. Many of the recipes added nuts and I was planning on crushing them up a little and putting them in but changed my mind – I enjoy snacking on almonds and couldn’t bear to part with them!)

Beef Schnitzel




Oil (for frying)

Dip each piece of schnitzel into the egg then breadcrumbs until coated. Fry until cooked through.

Brown Rice


Cook rice as per instructions on packet



Win. Schnitzel and brown rice are fail-safe anyway, so special mention goes to the salad. The dressing added a pleasant “tang” to the broccoli and bacon (Mr T’s words). I really enjoyed this meal and the empty plates stacked in the kitchen tell me my guests enjoyed it as well 🙂 Ah, the dishes can wait until tomorrow …

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