Day #19 – Bacon and Banana Pancakes. For Dinner. Yes.

I’m no Domesticated Goddess. I have never claimed to be even close. My house is a mess on a good day, I feed my kids sweets and have been known to fall asleep while they play quietly (just once or twice, when I was very pregnant). I’m sorry if this pops a bubble of illusion in you – I know, I know, I come across as something a bit like this –


But, to be honest, I’m not. I didn’t even know how to clean an oven until recently, and I had to google the instructions.

So, some days things go up the haywire. I do occasional work which requires meetings with clients at all random hours of the day (*gasp* not that kind of work!) and so things don’t always go as planned at home. Today was one of those days (in fact, these days happen as often as they don’t, some weeks). I had an appointment at 6pm so I wasn’t going to be around for dinner.

I asked Mr T what creative and exciting meal would he like, based around bacon. He said, “Pancakes with Bananas and Bacon“. I said, “No, for dinner”. And he replied, “Pancakes with banana and bacon, please”. So, he and the kids had pancakes for tea. I view it as the lesser of two evils – prior to No Takeaways, they would most certainly have had fish and chips. So, win.



1 C Self Raising flour (we had none so I used regular flour + baking powder)

Milk (I made two lots, one with normal milk and one with soy)

1 egg

1 T sugar

Mix up a relatively thick batter with the ingredients and cook on medium heat until yummy and cooked. These are quite thick pancakes, the way Mr T likes them. We served them with bacon and sliced banana. And Maple syrup.


Win, of course. I mean, come on – pancakes for dinner? Definite win. Oh, and no “cooked meal” picture because the food was wolfed down before I got the chance. Ah, my lovely family. So, here is an artist’s impression of the meal. You are welcome.


note: not to scale

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