Day #25 – Kale Chips and Roasted Chickpeas/Bacon and Egg Pie


Well, it took me 25 days before I repeated a meal in this challenge, that’s a pretty good effort if I do say so myself. Tonight for dinner we had Bacon and Egg Pie, a firm family favourite. And to be super helpful, here is a link to my previous blog post about it:

I though since I was making something that I had already blogged about, I would focus this one on a couple of snack foods I’ve tried in the last week.



Nature’s Superfood. No, wait – that’s Quinoa. Or Blueberries. Or .. or .. chocolate? Definitely chocolate. Nevertheless, I’ve heard a lot about Kale and when I saw it at the supermarket I thought, why not. I’d heard about Kale Chips and thought, oh, they sound good!

Kale Chips





Tear the kale into 2 inch-sized pieces and coat in oil and seasoning. Roast until they are crispy, a bit like autumn leaves. These should keep in an airtight container for a couple of days.



I’m really not sure! At first, I was like, oh! These are delicious! And then they sat for a day or two and I just kind of … looked at my container of leaves. And then I revisited them and they weren’t too bad. They are an interesting concept and I can see the draw to them. So, jury is out on this one!

Roasted Chickpeas

Can of Chickpeas

Seasonings (Paprika, Cumin, Garlic – I tend to season quite mildly because Princess loves to snack on these but you could make them quite tasty)


Drain can of chickpeas and put into a roasting pan. Toss in the oil and seasonings and then roast it for about an hour or so, until they are crunchy



These are awesome, I love them. Very tasty, a great crunch alternative to potato chips. And, like I said, Princess loves them as well! Healthy + Cheap = Win.

And, it’s now 11:55pm. I’m beat, it’s time for bed 🙂



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