Day #26 – BootCamp For Mumma, Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes for Family

Tonight I had this new bootcamp that I have started going to. It’s on a Friday evening and and it’s hard work but good work. It’s so nice to get out of the house and do exercise, I highly recommend it!

It happens to start at 6pm so I need a dinner that is easy and done, yet also easy to reheat when I get home (for me). Since I had the Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes the other night, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. So, I thought I would make them again, this time Mr T would get some as well 🙂

And, as a change for the kids, I made them a Carrot Salad. Also, while I was preparing the meal, I turned around to see Princess peeling one potato. Not sure what to do with one potato (I was already baking the others by this stage), I decided to dice it and shallow fry it, making little chip things.

Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes


As per this blog entry, except I baked them for a full hour in the oven, making them a lot easier to stuff. And the shell was a lot crispier too.

Carrot Salad






Grate the carrot and mix in the raisins and grated cheese. Pour in a little runny honey and mix up.

Mini Fries



Dice the potato into smallish squares and fry in a small amount of oil



Win on all accounts. The potatoes were a hit, Mr T liked them, and they were awesome reheated when I got home. Oh my, nothing beats bacon after a big workout *Homer Simpson drool*. The kids liked the carrot salad and they LOVED the Mini Fries.

Since I did a wicked awesome work out tonight, I totally deserve the caramel popcorn that I’m going to be all over once I get these kids to bed. And wash the smeared potato off my arms (such is the fun of dining with a baby on your knee).



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