Day #31 – Chicken Pie (Dairy-Free)

Today, Fantastic Mrs T is Sleepy Mrs T.


Mr T has a cough and was coughing through the night. Baby Girl had her usual midnight party-for-two – her and I. And Princess and BoyChild were up at the crack of dawn, rearing to start the day. Probably due, in part, to the cupcakes hidden in the laundry. You want to see a Mum run really fast at 7am? Have a 3 year old boy open the laundry door, knowing there are 3 dozen cupcakes sitting there ready to go to Kindergarten for Grandparent’s Day. Run? Goodness me, I LEAPED!

Aunty M is still visiting and Mr T is on his late shifts, so we decided on Chicken Pie for dinner. Finding a dairy-free chicken pie recipe was a challenge so I just kind of made it up as I went along. Could have been a nice dinner of eggs for Aunty M and I, luckily it wasn’t.

Chicken Pie (Dairy Free)


Chicken Breast, diced





Stock (I used vegetable because I didn’t have any chicken left)


Frozen Mixed Veges

Cook the chicken until browned through, then set aside. In the same pan, brown the onion for a few minutes. Add some flour in and then gradually add the stock, whisk until it bubbles and thickens, and then add some more. Do this until you have a nice onion gravy thing happening. Chop the mushroom and add this to the mix, and re-add the chicken. Throw the veges in as well and let it all simmer away happily. While this is going on, roll out your pastry and line a dish. Once the mixture is to your liking, put it into the pie base, and then cover with the other (rolled) half of pastry. Cook in the oven until pastry is brown and crispy.



Very yum. Colour me surprised. It was really quite tasty. Dairy Schmairy, you didn’t miss it in this pie.

Well done, Sleepy Mrs T. Well done.

…. now, where’s that chocolate gone …


“sleepy mum” picture –

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