Long Time, No Blog

Well, hello there! How are you all? Long time no see!

It feels like it’s been forever since I blogged in here and I would love to say it’s because I’ve been in Hawaii perfecting my tan in time for Spring. It’s not.

I’ve been here, in the cold and wintery weather, battling colds and flus and infections and practically every bug known to children. In the Fantastic household, we seem to have The Cold That Will Not Leave. No matter how I try to bribe it, lure it away, yell at it, scowl at it .. nope, this cold seems to have set up permanent residence here in our lovely abode.

Silly cold.

This winter has been a particularly vicious one, it’s not only my family affected – in my group of friends, there hasn’t been a week in literally three months where one child has not been sick. And frankly, we are over it. Ya hear that, Cold????

Amongst all that going on, we’ve been a busy little household. Princess has been at school for weeks now and, in her words, “I’m getting used to it”. I’ve noticed a certain sassy-ness to her since she started school, a lot of, “what the heck is this??” and “are you freaking kidding me, Mum!”. We are working on teaching her what is appropriate and what isn’t – though, to be honest, it’s hard keeping a straight face with some of the things she comes out with. “He’s SO gross, and I’m like, dude, I don’t want your poo germs all everywhere”.

BoyChild is completely toilet trained now, which is fantastic. Because training Princess was a long, drawn out process, we decided to leave BoyChild until he was ready, no pressure or rush. And sure enough, one day he was trained. Day and night! It’s exciting having only one child in nappies, that’s for sure! Can’t wait until it’s NONE!

BabyGirl is night weaned as well – no more going-to-bed-at-midnight for her! Nope – in bed by 8pm and sleeping through, thankyouverymuch. And, we are close to weaning her fully, as she only feeds for the fun of it now, and tries to stand and walk away while breastfeeding, so this Mumma is drawing the line in the sand. Lying down to feed is one thing, standing and looking around without releasing the nipple is another thing entirely. I have thoroughly adored feeding her, but I think we have both come to the stage where we are done. And I’m happy with that decision 🙂

Of course, all of this is just minor in our household – the real reason I haven’t blogged much recently? Because BoyChild has figured out how to turn on the computer, how to find Google search, type in his games, play them, adjust the volume … and so it begins. Near-impossible to get close to the computer these days. How am I typing this right now? Very quickly, trying to ignore the boy standing behind me on the chair, chanting, “DORA BINGO TIME MUM! MY TURN!”.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I couldn’t be happier to see it. And, it seems the weather has followed suit, it’s a beautiful sunny day today. I’m thrilled, because it means I’ll get laundry done today. Because, that’s how I roll.

’till next time 🙂



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