Why, Mum? But, why, Mum? But, why, Mum?

Kids ask questions. A lot of questions. Which is great – it is how they learn, and how they explore the world around them. I read somewhere once that your average 4 year old asks around 300 questions a day. I definitely agree with that.

And, with questions, comes answers. Oftentimes I endeavour to answer the question properly and fairly, but I won’t lie – it doesn’t take me long to revert to such common “Mum-isms” as, “it just is”, “because I said so”, and “who want’s ice cream?!?!”.

Today Princess is not well, so she is home from school. I decided to drive 25 minutes to a local fabric store to get some wool, in order to crochet her the Rapunzel hat I (foolishly) committed to, many weeks ago.

Here is how our car ride went. Note: this is only the drive to the store.

Mum? Why can’t I sit in the front seat? Because it isn’t safe

Why not? Because there are air bags in the front

What are airbags? They are .. um … bags like balloons .. that .. um .. come out in a crash and act like a pillow to protect grown up faces. But they are too strong for kids.

Are we going to crash? No

Why not? Because I’m driving very carefully


Why aren’t we going to crash? Because I’m driving safe

Where are the airbags? One is inside the steering wheel, one is there *points*

Why is it in the steering wheel? Because that is the most central place for this seat

Is it because the steering wheel has handles? Yes.

Who are the airbags for? The two people sitting in the front

One for Mum and one for Daddy? Yes – or whoever is in the front

Why can’t I sit in the front? Because it’s too dangerous.

Are we going to crash? No.

What are airbags? *silence*


Who were you born with, Mum? Um … Grandma.

Why do you call her Mum, Mum? Because she is my Mum

But you are my Mum? Yes.

And she is my Grandma? Yes.

When were you born, Mum? 1982

I was born in 20000001, aye, Mum? No – you were born in 2009.

Oh! Why was I born in 200009? Because that’s when we had you

When was BabyGirl a baby? She kind of still is, but she was born last year

In 20000001? No – 2013.

Who was Daddy born with? Nana

Like Nana-and-Poppa? Yes.

Is Nana Daddy’s Mum? Yes.


What is that thing, Mum *points out window* ? What thing, darling?

Why can’t you see everything, Mum? *silence*

Where are we going? To the wool shop

To buy wool? Yes

For my hat? Yes

Are we going to crash, Mum? No.


When is the school holidays, Mum? Next week

Tomorrow? No, next week.

In how many days? Five

Is Laughalots open today? Yes

Can we go? No – you are sick today.

Can we go in the holidays? Maybe.

Is it holidays tomorrow? No – next week.

After tomorrow? No – next week.

What time are we picking BoyChild up? This afternoon

Now? No – this afternoon

Is it this afternoon now? No – it’s the morning

Is that when we have morning tea? Yes

When are we picking BoyChild up? 3pm

Is that when he is finished at preschool? Yes.

Why is it a rainy day today? I’m not sure

Why don’t you know what weather is going to be, always? *silence*

Do you know what is rain but colder? No – what?


Why aren’t I at school? Because you are sick – you have a cough.

Are my friends at school? Yes.

Why are my friends at school? Because they aren’t sick.

Is it school holidays tomorrow? *silence*

Why can’t I sit in the front seat? *silence*

Mum? Yes?

I love you.

I love you too, pet. I love you too.

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