’twas the night before Christmas

And here we are .. and so this is Christmas …


The reindeer food is sprinkled on the lawn – a lovely mix of cornflakes, rolled oats and glitter. BoyChild also helpfully threw a bunch of carrots onto the lawn “for the ray, dear” (which I retrieved quickly. I need those for my salad tomorrow!).


The children, in their sweet matching Xmas pyjamas (though not entirely appropriate given that the pjs are long and it’s a balmy night here tonight!), laid out the food for Santa and his reindeer. Three cookies (dairy free, incidentally!), a glass of milk (in previous years it’s been Coke Zero but since this Mumma has stopped drinking that, conveniently so has Santa!) and some carrots for those reindeer (not the ones intended for my salad!), and then three more cookies since the original three mysteriously disappeared. Mere seconds after the plate was laid out, a fight broke out (because BoyChild put the cookie in front of the milk, or something?) and milk was spilled all over the presents. Never mind, no crying over spilled milk. See what I did there?


The kids planted their red-and-white jellybeans, scattered with glitter, which will magically grow into candy canes in the morning (provided the “fairies” remember. They forgot last night and had to do it discreetly at 7am this morning).


And now, at nearly-10pm, all three lovely children are fast asleep. Mr and Mrs T are just about ready to set out the presents, fill up the stockings, and head to bed.

Because, according to Princess, we will be getting up at ONE IN THE MORNING TO OPEN PRESENTS.

Plot twist – we won’t be. No siree bob.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! Wishing you all a very safe and happy Christmas xo

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