I have no words

I signed in here last night to write another blog post. Something along the lines of most of mine – lighthearted, honest and probably a bit funny about one or more of my three kids.

And then I was met with the deeply saddening news that a young baby named Eva had passed away. Eva’s amazing mother has blogged about their journey together in her blog, The one in a million baby. And suddenly everything was thrown into perspective.

Here I was, sitting on my couch with my laptop on my knee, cup of tea at the ready, with tears streaming down my face in pain for this special little girl and her family, and the pain they will be experiencing. The loss, the heartache. My heart ached for them.

That’s the thing with blogging. I don’t know the people I follow, not in person, and yet I do know them, so very well. Through her mother Tessa’s honest and transparent words, I have grown with Baby Eva. I feel like I shared all the milestones, all the fun times and the scary. I talked about Tessa as though she were my friend. All of my (in real life) friends know of her, simply from my nattering and blog-sharing.

And I really have no words. I can’t begin to fathom the level of angst. So all I can say is, please spare a kind thought or a prayer for this incredible woman, and for her beautiful angel Eva.

And hug your own kids a little tighter. Today and always.

Kia kaha Tessa. And thank you for letting us share Eva with you xx

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