How to make an Advent Calendar

As many of us do, I spend a fair chunk of my time on Pinterest. I don’t search for anything specific, I just mindlessly peruse the scores and scores of pins, looking at nothing in particular. It’s a fab way to kill time.

On one of these many perusals, I found this picture of a homemade Advent calendar.


How cool is this? And to think, rather than the kids eating bland, cheap chocolate once a day, I could put interesting lollies into each box. Maybe even two lollies. What?! Crazy! Fun! OhmygoshIneedtodoit!

So, I pottered off to the shops to buy all the supplies I needed. I think, somewhere along the way, I forgot I had three children, and would therefore need to make three calendars. But, that’s ok. Three isn’t a lot.

Here is what I needed:


Paper to make 48 boxes (because, lids as well). Times three.

Stickers to decorate.

Ribbon and card for the base.


More lollies to replace the original packs. That someone ate. It was me.

And, here we go. Let’s make an advent calendar!

I didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on this thing, so I bought a pad of small paper. The boxes are supposed to be made with square paper, but this wasn’t an issue, I just had to cut each piece into a square before folding. I got surprisingly quick at this.


To make the box, I googled “how to fold a box”. I freakin love the internet. It knows everything. And, because I’m not going to detail every step to you, here is the link I used.

how to fold a box

By about box #30, I was folding these so fast I even had time to pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on what a crafty, dedicated, organic mother I was. As I ate lolly bag #2.

And so, night after night (well, night after whatever random night I remembered, “oh, that’s right, I’m meant to be folding boxes”), I would sit and diligently fold boxes.

I did a really, really good job.


Until I realised, I had folded over 60 boxes and I still had a long way to go. And, somehow, mysteriously, half of November literally vanished. Gone. No idea where it went. How could it possibly be November 27, when just yesterday it was March 3?

And then, someone ate the other bag of lollies.

Still me.

And so, here you go. After the better part of a month, and over $15 spent on supplies, I give you, the advent calendars for the kids.

IMG_1270 - Copy




What’s that, I hear you say? Those don’t look like ….

Well. No. They aren’t. Because apparently three kids x 24 days x lids and bottoms = a freakin butt load of boxes. Not to mention the fact that the kids kept eating the lollies. OK IT WAS ME.

These calendars were $2.10. EACH. I don’t even care if the chocolate tastes like dirt, I’m not the one going to eat it.

And, my kids win anyway – they get a super exciting pre-Christmas treat – two sticker books, 64 pre-folded boxes and some ribbon. All the christmas craft one could want!

And me? Well, lollies, of course.




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