EasiYo Yogurt Maker

This week I was excited to receive another product to trial from Kidspot NZ Mums Say – an Easiyo Yogurt Starter Pack.


I love yogurt – I’m not a huge breakfast eater and I’m wheat intolerant so tend to steer clear of bread. But yogurt, I love. And I’ve recently discovered Chia Puddings, which are amazingly delicious (once you get past the fact it looks a bit like fish eggs!).

But, it’s not all about me.

Princess adores yogurt, always has. BoyChild will devour chocolate dairy food but, until recently, has refused fruit-based yogurt. I say, “until recently”, because over the school holidays he tasted, and enjoyed, some thick strawberry yogurt. I really wanted to trial this yogurt maker, so I could test and play with different flavour varieties in the hopes of finding something he will eat. Goodness knows he could do with the calcium, and yogurt makers such as these have the added advantage that (a) you know what is going into your food, and (b) you have control over portion sizes. I say as I wolf down an entire bowl of the stuff. I’m in control what.

Now, BabyGirl is still allergic to dairy products, though we are slowly introducing different things for her. My goal with this yogurt maker, is to create a nice dairy free yogurt for her. I will keep you all posted on how I go, I think it will be trial and error combined with a lot of time (and maybe a few swear words along the way), but the end game is crucial – she loves yogurt, and Soy yogurt from the store is not cheap. I will also give her very small doses of the Easiyo stuff that I make, to test her reactions in a controlled way.

Right, so that’s my plan.

Getting home and finding a box on the doorstep always brings a mix of emotions – excitement, combined with “did I order something and can’t remember?!”. It happens, especially when you know your credit card off by heart and are often awake at 1am.

I quickly got onto making the yogurt, so we would have it over the weekend.

The starter pack came with the urn-shaped … um … thing that you put the .. um … other thing into. Don’t be jealous of my science-y terms. Right. Anyway.

I decided to make the strawberry flavour first, as it is more kid-friendly than Greek. I am going to savour the Greek until I can enjoy it. Alone. Mwa ha ha.


It is so easy to use an Easiyo maker –

  1. Boil the jug
  2. Into the smaller container, fill it halfway (there is actually a line on the side, which I didn’t see until afterwards!) with tepid water. I used tap water. Add in the entire sachet of yogurt mix, put on the lid, and shake, shake, shake. Sing Taylor Swift’s “shake it off” if you like. Or, “Shake-shake-shake, shake-shake-shake, shake your booooooooo-tay”. Whichever you prefer. Or, pretend to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail.
  3. Once mixed, fill up completely to the top (there is another line marked) with more tepid water. Shake some more. Go on, Tom. Give it your all.
  4. Pick up the container that you just dropped due to over-vigorous, mock-cocktail shaking. In the bigger part (the bit that looks like a time capsule), there should be a “spacer” which serves to hold the smaller container inside. Once the spacer is inside and down as far as it will go, pour in boiling water until it reaches the top of the spacer.  Put the small container in (with the lid tightly on!) and put the main lid on.
  5. Leave it to sit for 8-12 hours. I did overnight.

Result? Amazingly thick, creamy, delicious yoghurt. SO good. SO easy. Yo.

See what I did there? Boom.


I’m excited to use this a lot more, it’s a cheaper alternative, and I can’t wait to go crazy with sauces and toppings. FROZEN YOGURT OH MY GOSH IMMA MAKE FROZEN YOGURT.

Can’t. Wait.

For more info on Easiyo, check out their website. And, for NZ residents, they are currently offering the starter pack at a really great price. Well worth the investment, I say.


And, of course, for more reviews and review information, head over to Kidspot and their Facebook Page


Happy yogurt-ing!



And Now We Are Five

BoyChild is now five.



It’s funny – when I tell people my baby boy is starting school, they give me a lovely, somewhat sympathetic smile, and the conversation goes like this:

“Naw! Is he your first?”.

Um, nope.

“Oh! Is he your last?”

Um, nope.

“Oh! Well …. ok!”

But, anyone who knows anything about BoyChild and our first five (5!) years with him, will understand why there is something amazing in him toddling off to school. For a kid who barely spoke until he was well into his 3’s, a kid who has simply never followed the path most other kids follow, our Blue Orange, starting school is a massively huge milestone. For Mr T and I, as much as for him.

You know, BoyChild has suddenly grown up. He’s talking in fluid sentences, he’s giving me attitude, he’s cracking fart jokes. All things that you would expect from a normal 5-year-old boy.

I tear up thinking about it. I was so proud the day he farted, and laughed and laughed and tried to replicate it. Proud, and a little grossed out. But, primarily proud.

We had his pre school farewell ceremony last week, and his teacher was brought to tears. There is something about our boy, he has that effect on people. I’m not sure whether it’s his gentle nature, or his willingness and eagerness to try anything, but he touches people right in the heart.

I was doing pretty well at the ceremony – they went through his portfolio, and, as per the Montessori program, he walked around a candle representing the sun five times, to represent five years. They lit a mock cake and sang happy birthday to him (he led the song with gusto). And then.


And then they all lined the room, forming a walkway for him and the other little girl leaving, to walk through as the entire class and teachers applauded. He walked away from me, and I was done. Tears, come on down. That kid.


And then, he was off to school. Happily. It’s been a week and we’ve had one day of tears, thanks mostly to Princess, who “helpfully” declared that “we don’t want to go to school today, do we?” to him. Thanks, love.

And. AND. The most amazing part, for me.

BoyChild has never been interested in reading. On day one he bought home a reading book, and I asked him if he would like to read it with me. He did. Day Two, I hesitantly asked again. He did. Today was Day Five, and tonight he read an entire book to me. By. Himself. I know, it’s more memory than actually reading, but that is such a giant leap in the right direction.

That kid.

Five years old. Such a cool kid, a charming, happy, funny, lovely kid.

That kid.



Look How Far We Have Come

Well, what do you know – it’s been exactly two years since I started this blog. Well, that’s what Facebook tells me, and we all know that Facebook never lies.

Two years. I can’t believe it – in some ways it feels as though I started only yesterday, in other ways it feels like I’ve been doing this for years. I started this blog because Princess was such a funny little thing, coming out with such crazy sayings and the most random of behaviours, it seemed almost a crime not to document it. Even if only for when they are teenagers, if nothing else!

Add to that the chaos of the two smaller children and I had a recipe for hilarity, drama and losing my mind slowly.

Two years. Look how far we have come.


The kids are all so much older (two years is a lot when you are a kid!) and I drink so much more alcohol.

Just kidding.

Not really.

A friend asked me the other day why I hadn’t written in a while. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Princess has grown up a lot. Her funny quips and “isms” have been replaced by scowls and declarations that we have ruined her life.

Ok, it’s not all bad – in fact, we’ve just had a rare afternoon of peace, just the two of us. Sitting side by side, her drawing a picture and me working (read: mindlessly perusing social media). We chatted like … well, like normal people. It’s days like this that make me so absolutely proud of the person we have grown, and excited to see the woman she is yet to become. She is about to start Year 2 at school and over these holidays she has developed amazingly – her reading ability surprises me daily and her drawing skills are far superior to mine!


BoyChild is nearly 5 and, like his sister, has come so far in the past year. He is very much a boy – we get a lot of fart jokes and fascinating stories about trains. But he is still the most sensitive of the lot, and still lets me cuddle him. Long live THAT.

For a kid who barely spoke when I started this blog, a few weeks ago he overheard us correcting Princess for mispronouncing hospital, “hos-ti-ble”. He listened as we taught Princess the correct way to say it, then suddenly blurted out, “HOSPITAL!” with pride oozing from him.

“It’s hos-PI-tal” he repeated. Again. And again. Like with Princess, I just found myself welling up with pride. And excitement to see how he grows and develops once he starts school.

In two weeks.

*brb I’m just going to have a cry*

BabyGirl. Freakin BabyGirl. I just can’t even. I said it when I started the blog, that I suspected she might be the one to watch. I knew even then, when she was not even one year old, that she was a fire cracker. Her humour, her vocabulary, her utter naughtiness and her giggle that just seems so artificial that you can’t help but smile. Her absolute freakin adorableness.

She starts preschool soon and while I’m excited about the time alone (where I will, no doubt, wander aimlessly wondering what I ever did pre:kids), I will miss my baby. She’s more or less toilet trained during the day now, and I am more than ready to bid nappies a fond farewell, thanks very much. She will proudly tell all and sundry that she can “wees on the toilet JUST like MUM”.

The kids collectively? They drive me mad. Well, that’s not new though, is it?

They bicker, oh my do they bicker. All siblings fight, I know. I grew up in a family of four girls, one of whom was what my mum described as “fist happy” (plot twist: it was me). So, I get it.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And so here we are. Two years later. A lot has changed, and we’ve grown so much, as individuals and as a family. Can’t wait to see what the next two years bring.


Look how far we have come.