Please don’t be mad at me

I’m sorry that I yelled 

I’m sorry for the tantrum and the tears 

I’m still learning; I’ve never been this age before. 

Please be patient with me

I don’t always understand what you want me to do, but I’ll do my best. 

I get tired some days, hungry some days. 

I need to be able to do things by myself, I appreciate your help but I need to be independent too. 

I know you rely on me, I am obsessed with you too. 

I do hear you even though it seems like I’m not listening sometimes

I know you are listening to me even though sometimes it feels like you can’t hear me 

I’m sorry for growling, for scowling 

Please don’t tell me to go away

I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. You and me, we are a package deal. You, me and the others. 

I’m sorry I frightened you when you didn’t know where I was. I knew where I was! 

The world is so scary!  But we are a team.

Thank you for asking me if I was ok when I looked sad. Thank you for kissing me and saying you missed me when I was away. 

Thank you for loving me. 

As the years go by, our relationship will change as we grow older. 

We’ve never been this age before. 

Please remember that I am doing my best. I know you are doing yours. 

To my child. 

To my mum. 

Thank you xx 

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