Food. Back to Basics.

Mr T and I came to a shocking realisation yesterday – we (children included) eat far too much crap food. We buy takeaways more than we should and it is so easy in today’s day and age to become reliant on easy meals. Pre-packaged food that you just whack into the oven for 20 minutes and voila, dinner is served. Hardly nutritious and definitely not beneficial for the kids (or us!). So, we have decided to go back to basics.

Which is, of course, easier said than done. So, I am going to run this little side-blog (not to be mistaken for side-boob. Yes, I know. Irrelevant. But, the phrase “side-boob” makes me giggle. So there it is. Right, back to being a grown up again) about my attempts to cook cheaply, healthily and effectively for my little family o’ five. I know the theories and I am sure I have the skills, now to find out if I can throw the two together to create meals.

First step – No. More. Takeaways. Mr T’s birthday is in approximately one month, so we have declared No More Takeaways until his birthday. I am classing Takeaways as any dinner that involves us going out to get it (or having it delivered. I’m looking at you, Pizza). Anything that costs money for dinner that we haven’t already bought in the groceries. KFC, McDonalds, Fish and Chips, Chinese, Thai, Pizza, the list is pretty extensive.

Second step – figuring out recipes for cooking these meals. And buying all of the ingredients. Without spending $600 on fresh herbs and spices. Because, that’s the other thing. Cost. I need these dinners to cost less than the pre-made stuff. Or, at the least, not cost more.

So, here we go. My amazing friend has given me some ready tips about how she manages and I am very jealous of her domesticated-ness, so my aim is to be as awesome as her. She says it sounds a lot flasher than it is and that I’m a dork. And that is why I adore her. On with the cooking!


One thought on “Food. Back to Basics.

  1. Try making that meatloaf you made when I was down there a few years ago. With the yummy sauce that went with it? That was good wholesome yummy food πŸ™‚ And remember, there is nothing wrong with frozen peas/beans/corn etc with some quick mash potato, and sausages. Quick cheap and easy dinner πŸ™‚

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