BabyGirl Enters the Terrific Twos

That’s right. My BabyGirl is quickly becoming less and less of a baby, and more like a little person. Sigh.

I mean, let’s be honest – she will always be my baby (poor kid) but there is no doubt that she certainly is growing up. Sigh.

She turned two yesterday and we threw her a little party. We decided to have an afternoon party once Princess got home from school, and then have it lead into a fish-and-chip dinner for those who couldn’t make it at 4pm. That is, those who actually have, you know, day jobs!

On Wednesday, BabyGirl had a pediatrician appointment to discuss her Dairy allergy. We were “discharged” from his care back in July last year, under the plan that we would slowly introduce dairy products into her diet. However, she was not reacting well to this so we went back for a review. And, not surprisingly, he suggested that we go back to square one for at least another six months, with no dairy at all.

And so, we had our second Dairy Free Birthday Party!



Because it was an “afternoon tea” I wasn’t too worried about the amount of food. I served up fairy bread (sprinkles on bread with dairy-free spread), dairy free cupcakes with sprinkles, Arnotts Animal Biscuits, Oreos, popcorn, marshmallows, rice crackers and hummous.

My recipe for the dairy free cupcakes is very comprehensive and advanced, so I hope you are sitting down for this one. I’m lying, it’s not complicated at all! Our local supermarket sells a cake packet mix for $1.99. This packet mix contains no dairy products at all, and calls for 3/4 C of milk (I use rice milk) and one egg. So, for less that $3.00 I can whip up a batch of cupcakes, or a cake, or any combination of them. I always have at least one packet of this in my pantry at all times, for those just-in-case moments 🙂



Which brings us to the cake. I wanted to do something different this year, rather than the usual dairy free cake. So i had the brainwave to make a cake by using a marshmallow/rice bubble slice recipe, but forming it into a cake shape. I mixed together rice bubbles with marshmallow creme (this product isn’t common here in New Zealand but our supermarket sells it in the International Foods aisle and I love it!) and some melted coconut oil. Once it was mixed I put it into a round silicon cake pan and let it set in the fridge. I did this twice so I had two layers, then I sandwiched them together with buttercream icing (made with margarine rather than butter). For the “decorations” I had some pre-made animal figures left over from another cake, and used some more buttercream on top, with a stencil of the number two done with sprinkles.

The cake was SUCH a hit, especially with the adults! There was NONE left at the end, which is a first with birthday cake!

Party Games

For party games we literally just did pass the parcel. BabyGirl is considerably younger than most of the kids at the party, and couldn’t grasp why a present was being passed around the circle that she wasn’t allowed to open! It was a crazy, chaotic game due to their being so many kids, of so many varying ages. But nevertheless, all the kids seemed relatively happy with their lollipops.

Once the food was eaten and the game was played, the kids went outside (in less-than-tropical weather) and played on the trampoline and in the sandpit until it was too dark to stay outside any more.

And when that happened, they all piled back inside for a MASSIVE amount of fish and chips!

It was a lovely party, and I know BabyGirl had a blast.


And, just to remind us that she is now TWO, this morning she ended up in time out twice, once for pinching her brother until he cried, and once for pulling her sister’s hair until she cried.

Ah, the twos.


A Very (Dairy Free) Hungry Caterpillar

Today was BabyGirl’s birthday party! Her birthday isn’t for another week but we decided to have her party today as it fitted in well with shift work, etc.

The theme of her party was, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Such a fun theme for a first birthday party! Well, for any birthday party!

I had a lot of fun planning her party. The thing that really limited me was money – we don’t have a large amount to throw at parties, so I did everything as minimal and budget as I could. And, I was really, really proud of the result.

  • Decorations

To decorate, I bought a red table cloth, red napkins, green and white plastic plates, and green and white plastic cups. I think I spent around $20 all up on these and they can be re-used again for another party. When I was pregnant with BabyGirl, we didn’t find out what we were having and one of the only things I bought was a second hand three-pack of Hungry Caterpillar onesies. I pinned them to the wall above the table as decorations which was pretty cute, they are so tiny!


I also made a balloon caterpillar which I hung from the ceiling – four green balloons and a red one with card stuck to it! So simple and really, really effective.


And, I made some bunting with BabyGirl’s name in green and red card. This was fun to make with Princess’s help – we cut out trianges and glued them together, then printed her name and cut and pasted that to the card. We strung it up with green ribbon and pinned it to the wall.

  • Food

I wanted the food to be simple, but I also wanted it to be Dairy Free so BabyGirl could eat everything. I decided that I would serve all of the food that the Very Hungry Caterpillar eats on his last big binge (the Saturday). I copied and printed the pictures of the food from the book, and pasted the images to red and green card, then sellotaped them to ice block sticks and put them with the food, to label it.


So, the food we had was dairy-free chocolate cake, ice cream cones with marshmallow inside, sliced pickle, sliced cheese (cut to look like swiss cheese – this was the only non-dairy item on the table), sliced salami, lollipops, “cherry pie”, cheerios (small sausages), dairy-free cupcakes, and slices of watermelon.


The dairy-free chocolate cake was the same recipe that I used when I made Mr T’s cake last week, only this time I chose to simply sift icing sugar over it rather than buttercream icing.



Particular mention to my fantasticly dedicated friend, who punched holes in the gherkin and cheese!


The “cherry pie” was a funny one – we don’t eat cherry pie here, I’m not even sure I know quite what cherry pie is! So, my Mum had the great idea to make little “pies” – she used pastry, cut it into a circle then baked it. When it was cooked she sliced it six ways (like pie) and iced each segment with raspberry icing then topped with a glace cherry. Genius and everyone LOVED them!

  • The Cake

I made a dairy-free rainbow cake which was really easy and came out brilliantly. The colours were superbly bright and the cake tasted really nice. I am completely over my skepticism about dairy-free food. Dairy was not missed today!


  • Activities

Being it that this was a first birthday, I knew that BabyGirl was going to be perfectly happy playing with her toys and friends without the need for extra activities. However, there were a lot of kids aged 3-6 coming so I came up with a simple activity for them – making caterpillars from egg cartons. I piled the craft table in the play room with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, glitter, crayons, stickers and felt pens and let the kids go wild. They loved it!


The finished products were pretty cute! And, I also printed off some free Hungry Caterpillar printables that I found online, so the kids could colour in as well.

(found here –>) http://tertuliadofado.com/very-hungry-caterpillar-coloring-pages-printables/


This was a really easy, really successful party which I’m sure BabyGirl loved, considering it is now 11:35pm and she is still running around, oblivious to the fact all her guests left hours ago and her Mummy is nodding off in her chair. Ode to be nearly-one again.