What Happens When Mum Gets Sick?

Being a Mum sure comes with it’s advantages. And when you become a mother, you essentially put parts of your life on hold so as to allow these little people you have created to become the best they can be.

Children are needy and naive, they require reassurance, comfort and emotional support. Which is easy most of the time. But, what happens when Mum gets sick?

I have a cold. Or flu perhaps. And last night I was convinced it was meningitis and how was I going to get to the hospital with three kids in tow? But, today I think it’s just a wickedly horrid head cold. Nonetheless, it’s yuk. I feel yuk.


I’m representing all of the seven dwarfs simultaneously – all, that is, except Doc. With special mention to Sneezy and Dopey. And Sleepy. And Shivering Mess. There wasn’t a Dwarf named Shivering Mess? Well, there should have been.

This is the type of cold that, Pre Children, would have seen me lying in bed watching Dr Phil all afternoon. Then dragging my pyjama-clad, heavy body into the kitchen for some soup, perhaps flopping into the bath for a long soak, and then back to bed.

Sigh. That just doesn’t happen when you are responsible for three little kiddles. I shudder to think what my little angels would get up to if I were to take myself to bed. And a long soak in the bath? Ha! I’d barely have dipped my toes before being overwhelmed with tap tap tap knock knock knock MUMMMMM what are you DOOINGGGG IN THE BATHHHHHH MUMMMMMM I WANT IN TOOOOOOOOO.

And, even when you can’t muster the energy for food, the kids still need to eat.

So, what happens when Mum gets sick?

She powers on. She ignores the headaches, doses up high with panadol and coffee. She manages to change the bedding that got wet last night and hang two loads of washing on the line. She clears the kitchen and cooks dinner. She vacuums the floor. She sneezes and sneezes and makes the kids laugh.

Then, she sits down. She turns on a DVD and gives the kids an ice block each. She reminds them that, for today, inside voices are awesome. She, for all intents and purposes, ignores her children. And, they seem to get it today. They just play quietly. Sure, Mum may throw a tantrum when the remote can’t be found and the DVD has stopped and the baby is crying and WHY IS ALL THE CUTLERY IN THE LOUNGE? But that’s ok, because then Mum takes herself down to her bedroom and sits on her bed for a minute to “regroup”. And then makes herself a cup of tea. And grits her teeth. And looks forward to the moment when the kids are finally in bed and she can sit with her feet up, perhaps sob a little, and actually be sick.

I guess my point in all this is, Mums tend not to win the race on a normal day and when they are sick, it’s just multiplied. But that it’s ok to turn the telly on and ignore your kids, they will be ok. Sometimes we Mums have to remind ourselves to take care of US as well.

Or perhaps my point is, I’m sick today and it blows. I think it might be ice block time. For the kids and me.

And, heaven help us if Dad gets sick. But that’s another story.


4 reasons why I love my kids

A lot of what I have written on here thus far, has been, as promised, the truth in child rearing. But, I must let it be known that, above all else, I absolutely adore my children. Sometimes when chaos reigns in our household, when we have the Five O’Clock Symphony of Screams, Mr T and I look at each other and reminisce about The Olden Days, the days BC (Before Children). But, we always ask ourselves, would we change it if we could?

Absolutely not.

Because, if we changed anything about the kids (a bigger gap between them, waited until we were 100% financially secure, stopped at one) then we wouldn’t have the children we do. They are who they are because of when they were born, the family they were born into, and we wouldn’t change that for the world. No matter how tempting it is.

So, here are just a few reasons why I absolutely and unashamedly live for my children.

  • Their personalities

They are all different and it constantly amazes me how many elements there are to each of them. Princess is bossy, she’s loud and she’s dramatic.


But she is also sensitive and shy, afraid of the unknown and bites her lip when she gets nervous. She has eyebrows that can tell a story all on their own. It’s hard to take her seriously when she is telling some great fable about her day, because her eyebrows dominate the conversation – not because they are a mono-brow, because they are super expressive.

BoyChild is independent with a wicked sense of humour and a tendency to just slip away and get up to mischief (his nickname is The Ninja). But he is also very soft and cuddly.


Baby Girl has always been placid and an “easy” baby. She loves faces and will smile at anyone who looks her way. But we are seeing a determined side coming through, making me fear for her older brother and sister! And the jokes she plays, then laughs and laughs at herself! She has us in stitches with laughter and she’s not yet one year old.


You can’t put kids in a box, that’s for sure. A figurative box, I meant, of course. Although you probably shouldn’t really put them in a real box either.

  • The way they sleep.

One of the greatest piece of parenting advice I EVER got was this : after a long, tiresome day with kids, no matter what has gone wrong, go in and kiss your kids goodnight when they are asleep. And tell yourself that tomorrow is another day. Believe me, there is NO way you can be mad at a sleeping child. Their little angry-sleeping faces (because my kids are sleep-frowners, like their Daddy) just melt your heart. The crying, the whining, the bickering, is all gone when they are asleep. Replaced by peace and serenity.

Just make sure you have mastered the art of getting in and out of their room without making a sound. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where we’ve had to stand like a statue in the middle of the room until the child finishes stirring. And, inevitably you’ve had a sudden need to sneeze and/or pee. Am I right or am I right?!

  • The things they learn and the way they see the world

There is something truly heartwarming about the innocence of a child. The comments they make, the observations, the questions. Why is a yolk not called an egg yellow? Where did you live before I was in your tummy, and was I a big kid? If today is Sunday and last year is Tuesday then why did I go to kindy on Wednesday but it’s a weekend last tomorrow?

Seeing something through the eyes of a child for the first time is truly magical. Bubbles. Ice cream. The day Princess found out there was a shop called Toy World. You can’t fake enthusiasm like that.

  • The I Love You’s and the knowledge that, above all, you are their everything.

The first time BoyChild said I love you to his Daddy, I could hear the tears in Mr T’s voice. Every night in bed, Princess says “I love you” to us. And, occasionally, she will just walk up and whisper it in my ear. It’s just a spectacular feeling. Seeing the kids after two hours at kindy and they sprint to you, screaming, “MUMMY!” as though you’ve been away for years. The way they come to you for cuddles, that there are problems only Mum can cuddle away (and, of course, ones only Daddy can cuddle away!).

There are, of course, a ga-zillion more reasons why I love my kids. I could go on and on and on and on and on. But, this is enough writing for today, all this talk about loving my kids makes me want to go and jump with them on the trampoline and let them knock me down and bounce all over me.  Any excuse to hug them, really!

My point is, having kids is annoying, it is frustrating, but by golly, it takes just ONE of these good things to happen, and it melts the bad away. They are good like that, these crazy creatures we call children.