Day #23 – Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes (and Eggs)

Mr T is working a late shift tonight. He leaves for work just after 11am and returns home around 9pm. This shift makes for a long day for all of us, and today was particularly so. BoyChild did his first full day at preschool, a big achievement for him. So big, in fact, that he was face down, fast asleep when I arrived to pick him up. Bless his little cotton socks. And BabyGirl seems to have forgotten how to sleep at night so her and I are a bit droopy as well.

So, I decided on a nice, easy dinner. Princess had egg soldiers, her “go to” meal (soft boiled egg and toast “soldiers”)


BoyChild and BabyGirl had a various array of food, including potato, mixed veges, egg, toast soldiers and banana. Covers all the food groups, I figure.

Truth be told, I get a little excited when Mr T is on these shifts, because it’s a chance for me to cook something yummy without having to consider whether any one else will like it. Tonight, I cooked Bacon, onion and garlic stuffed baked potatoes with a side salad.

Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes






Chilli powder


*Cheese (If I weren’t dairy free, I would TOTES have drowned this meal in cheese)

Cook the potatoes – there are a few ways you can do this, the best being a slow bake in the oven (about an hour). I left it too late tonight so I microwaved the potatoes for 15minutes, then put them into the oven for another 10. While they are cooking, fry up the chopped bacon, set aside, then cook the chopped onion, garlic and chilli powder. Combine with the bacon. When the potatoes are done, remove them from the oven and take off the “lid” and scoop out the insides. Put this potato into a bowl and add in the margarine (smoosh those potatoes up!). Add the onion/bacon mixture and combine. Re-fill the potato and put the lid back on.



Oh my, this was delicious. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I am, as I type this, looking wistfully at my plate and wishing there was more. I think this will be made again. Definite win.

And, because BECAUSE, we are going to have chocolate chip biscuits with melted marshmallows for dessert.


Because, I’m the mum and I said so.




Day #14 – Sunday Night Mish-Mash


As I mentioned on Day #12, I was away yesterday at a fun-filled and relaxing wedding. While my dear mother stayed here and looked after Princess and BoyChild, I expected them to eat takeaways for dinner. In fact, I encouraged it. But no – in order to keep consistent with this No-Takeaway Challenge, they cooked an awesome meal for the kids. Well done, Grandma! And, the food at the wedding was exceptional and homely – the wedding was in a marquee on a farm and the food was home cooked and catered not by fancy caterers but by family and friends. There is a lot to be said for a classic Kiwi wedding with salads, roast chicken and lamb, ham on the bone and potatoes from the garden, followed up by Pavlova and cheesecake for desert. Oh my, I’m drooling once more. Superb. Utterly superb.

But I digress! I got home mid-afternoon and I am completely shattered. I even snuck in a cheeky nap on the couch this afternoon – in fact, I may have stopped mid-sentence and just suddenly fallen asleep. That’ll learn me for staying out till 11pm on a Saturday night *gasp*. Sorry, digressing once more. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!

My mum is visiting my sister and Mr T is at work, so dinner tonight was just the kids, Grandad and myself. And, to be honest, I didn’t feel like much at all. And, to be perfectly honest, the idea of takeaways was discussed. At length. But, I reluctantly dragged my feet to the freezer to see what I could whip up. And thus you have, the Sunday Night Mish-Mash.

For Princess and BoyChild – “Egg Soldiers”. That is, a soft boiled egg with toast cut into strips (the “soldiers”) for dipping. And, an entire carrot each. Because .. well, because.

For BabyGirl – Cooked egg yolk, toast and watermelon. All schmooshed together and flung from here to eternity.

And, for Grandad and myself – Steak, eggs and potato rosti.

Steak was simply seared in a pan until medium-well done. Eggs were fried and deliciously gooey.


Potato Rosti



Peel the potato and then grate into a bowl. Try to get as much liquid out as possible – the best way to do this is to use paper towels but we didn’t have any so I had to rely on squeezing it in handfuls while the liquid seeped away. Once the potato is relatively dry, mix in the egg. Fry in batches until cooked on both sides. These make lovely little fritters which I adore.


Well, the kids loved their meals of course. The potato rosti was *ok*. I’m not going to call it a win because, tonight, they didn’t really hold in the pan so it was more “fried, grated potato” than “fried little fritters”. But, I shrug because I still liked them. Grandad says they were very nice which is fine praise from him!

On the plus side, Princess is getting very good at peeling potatoes, she loves it. And, she helped to grate the potato as well, on her mini grater. She watched with amazement as I drained the “water” from the potatoes and exclaimed – “Is that yellow potato water? I’ve never seen yellow water! I don’t think I want to drink YELLOW WATER, MUM!”. Bless.

Tomorrow, I’ll be well rested (*ahem* BabyGirl, I’m looking at you) and all set for another cooking week 🙂