5 Things You Don’t Want to Find in your Laundry

Doing laundry. Not my favourite pastime, that’s for sure. And, oftentimes I feel like there are people intentionally creating more laundry for me, just so I can’t get ahead with it.

Yes, yes, I know. There are. They are called The Children. In fact, Princess once exclaimed to me, “Mum! Why are you ALWAYS doing the washing?” – while she was shredding literally her fourth outfit for that day. Why indeed, my dear. Why, indeed.

Laundry is certainly a necessary evil, but what are some things you absolutely do NOT want to find as you empty a wet load of washed clothes into the basket for hanging?

5. A bra underwire

This happened to me today. And, it blows. Because anyone who wears a bra knows that those things do NOT go back in successfully. And, Mums who are recently post-breastfeeding like myself will contest that nice bras are most certainly a thing of the past. Satisfactory bras are a rarity as well. And now, I am one less. Which, I’m pretty sure, takes my grand total to two.

4. Food

This is disgusting. Some people don’t like snot. Some people don’t like nappy contents. Me? I can NOT handle soggy food. In fact, this post is making me nauseous. I will move on, but not before saying all you need to know. Bread. Washing machine.  Bleurgh.

3. A red top. And what used to be a white shirt.

This hasn’t happened to me as often as I would have thought it might, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. When Princess was small, she had a really nice couple of tops that were a lovely shade of blue. They were previously white. Stupid navy blue tshirt.

2. A lovely, hand-wash-only garment

Some things clearly say “hand wash only”. Now, I’m not pointing fingers here, but it’s very rare that I don’t check the labels before putting the machine on. Just saying.

1. A Nappy

This is the worst. The actual absolute worst. I’m not talking a dirty nappy here, though that would be horrific, I’m sure. But a disposable nappy. They do not survive a washing machine cycle. Not one iota. They shred and spread little crystals and fluff and goodness-knows-what-else through EVERYTHING. There is nothing more disheartening than opening the washing machine to discover that you need to re-wash that load, not once but many, many more times. Biodegradable, disposable nappies are even worse. Because, you know, they biodegrade!

And there you have it. I realise this post has no grand lesson at the end of it (aside from perhaps, check your washing before you turn on the machine!) but it has succeeded in allowing me to further procrastinate doing my own laundry. I hope I could do the same for you.

You are most welcome.