Day #23 – Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes (and Eggs)

Mr T is working a late shift tonight. He leaves for work just after 11am and returns home around 9pm. This shift makes for a long day for all of us, and today was particularly so. BoyChild did his first full day at preschool, a big achievement for him. So big, in fact, that he was face down, fast asleep when I arrived to pick him up. Bless his little cotton socks. And BabyGirl seems to have forgotten how to sleep at night so her and I are a bit droopy as well.

So, I decided on a nice, easy dinner. Princess had egg soldiers, her “go to” meal (soft boiled egg and toast “soldiers”)


BoyChild and BabyGirl had a various array of food, including potato, mixed veges, egg, toast soldiers and banana. Covers all the food groups, I figure.

Truth be told, I get a little excited when Mr T is on these shifts, because it’s a chance for me to cook something yummy without having to consider whether any one else will like it. Tonight, I cooked Bacon, onion and garlic stuffed baked potatoes with a side salad.

Bacon Stuffed Baked Potatoes






Chilli powder


*Cheese (If I weren’t dairy free, I would TOTES have drowned this meal in cheese)

Cook the potatoes – there are a few ways you can do this, the best being a slow bake in the oven (about an hour). I left it too late tonight so I microwaved the potatoes for 15minutes, then put them into the oven for another 10. While they are cooking, fry up the chopped bacon, set aside, then cook the chopped onion, garlic and chilli powder. Combine with the bacon. When the potatoes are done, remove them from the oven and take off the “lid” and scoop out the insides. Put this potato into a bowl and add in the margarine (smoosh those potatoes up!). Add the onion/bacon mixture and combine. Re-fill the potato and put the lid back on.



Oh my, this was delicious. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I am, as I type this, looking wistfully at my plate and wishing there was more. I think this will be made again. Definite win.

And, because BECAUSE, we are going to have chocolate chip biscuits with melted marshmallows for dessert.


Because, I’m the mum and I said so.




Day #20 – Sweet and Sour Pork

Before embarking on this journey of cooking meals from scratch and not using packets or buying takeaways, our grocery load was more or less the same every week. There were some very basic items that I simply never bought.

  • Onions. I have an intolerance to onions if they are even moderately undercooked, so I tended to avoid them.
  • Herbs and Spices. I started this challenge using the dregs from whatever I had in my pantry.
  • Potatoes. Seems like a strange thing not to buy because they are such an integral part of whatever I’m cooking at the moment.
  • Fresh veges, such as capsicum, courgette, cauliflower etc.

As I was retrieving the onion required for tonight’s meal, I realised that I am nearly at the end of a 1.5kg bag of them. After accusing the kids of eating raw onion (yes, I heard myself too as I said it, but in my defence, BoyChild eats chalk), I realised that I have been using them! In my cooking! Stop it! And, we have no more potatoes left! I’ve used them all. Goodness. This cooking thing must be working. We are also nearly through a bag of carrots, all the capsicums have gone and I needed to pop out to buy Cornflour from the dairy (because, apparently, I don’t own that either).

I have had a tin of pineapple in the cupboard for a long time and Mr T’s favourite Chinese takeaway meal is Sweet and Sour Pork so I decided to cook that up tonight, served on rice (also, nearly run out).

Sweet and Sour Pork


Lean Pork

1 Capsicum

1 Carrot

1 Onion

1 T Soy Sauce

1 1/2 T Vinegar

1 1/2 T Tomato Sauce

1 1/2 T Brown Sugar

1 tin of Pineapple Pieces – reserve the juice

1 T Cornflour

Cut the pork into slices or pieces and stir fry until cooked. Add in the diced capsicum, diced onion and sliced carrot. Stir fry for a further few minutes. In a bowl, mix together the pineapple juice, tomato sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar and vinegar. Add in with the pork and bring to a boil, then let simmer for 10-15 minutes (until the veges are tender). Dissolve the cornflour and add to the pan, then add the pineapple. Serve over rice. I added Crispy Noodles, because, well, Crispy Noods are awesome.



Win 100%. Mr T was very happy, he said it was brilliant. And, BabyGirl loves pineapple, we learnt today! This particular dish I was pretty proud of, because it was entirely from scratch, healthy and packed full of everything we want/need in a meal. Very pleased with oneself.

I should mention, Crispy Noods is not a typo – I used to work with someone who called them that and, well, the name stuck. Now you will forever call them Crispy Noods as well. You are welcome.