Should Cinderella Be A Sex Bomb?

My daughter thinks she is a princess. Or, at least, she plans on becoming one. She really believes it to be an achievable goal in her life. And good on her, I say.

We are fast approaching her 5th birthday and she is having a Princess Extravaganza party. You know, for a change from other years – last year she had a Princess and Pirates party, the year before it was a Pink Princess Tea Party. I’m making the most of it this year because I feel it might be the last Princess party for her.

Her party is going to be pretty big, by my standards – don’t let the “extravaganza” in the title fool you though, I pride myself on low-budget, low-cost parties – watch this blog for more about this party in the coming weeks!

Which leads me to today’s conundrum – why is Cinderella a sex bomb??

I thought a nice surprise for Princess’s party would be an actual Princess coming along. She has said to me a few times how great it would be if Cinderella, or Rapunzel, or *gasp followed by audible whisper* Elsa! came to the party. I don’t actually know any of those Princesses (“Yes, you DO know them, MUM! You saw them in the MOVIE, MUM! You DO know them!”), I searched around for an alternative. And came across an amazing friend who is dressing up and coming along to surprise Princess and her friends at her Princess Extravaganza, as an actual real Princess.

Simple, right? I’ll just hire or buy a costume. Done. Easy.


Because, apparently, you can’t hire a Cinderella costume. Or a Snow White costume. Or a Rapunzel costume. I mean, you can hire one of these:


or one of these


or, oh look! how about this one?


Now, I’m no prude. I’m all for fun, sexy dress ups for parties and events that call for it. I even think these outfits are cute – for the right occassion.

But, what message are we sending our girls, our little Princess-obsessed 4-and-5-year-olds, when this is the only adult option out there?

That, if you want to dress up, sexy is the only way to go? Our girls admire these Princesses, they look up to them, they want to be them. Do I want my daughter to aspire to the above images? I’m just not sure that I do. I mean, sure – when she is in her 20s and invited to a “Fairy Tale” party or something, then by all means, don the short busty dress. But there are other reasons for Princess outfits, aren’t there? Like, kids parties?

I was shocked at my own response to this situation as well – I’ve always considered myself to be liberal. Yet this really tugged at my feminist heart strings. I found myself disappointed in women. Why can’t an adult live in the same fantasy world that a 4 or 5 year old girl does? If not just for one afternoon.

Thankfully, after yelling at the computer for hours and spouting off to anyone who would listen, about “the youth of today” and “blah blah sex bomb, blah blah COME ON WOMEN!”, I was able to find a hire company who, at the back of the store, behind all the racks of short dresses and knee high boots, had a beautiful yellow Belle dress. Set aside for occasions just like this.

And, all is good in the world again.

Belle will be at the party! Shhhhh, don’t tell Princess 😉



Movies According To Princess (Age: 4)

Madam Princess has some awesome interpretations of .. well, everything in the world around her. And I have a particular fondness for the way she describes things – her use of words, and the way she sees things is so different to the way I see things (and, to be fair, the way most other people see things!) that I thought it time I record some of these.

Princess isn’t a big movie person, she didn’t see her first movie in it’s entirety until very recently. But, she knows what she likes …

and knows what she doesn’t.

Here are some movie plots explained, according to Princess. In case you were wondering.



It’s about Ahhhhhhhna and Elsa. They are sisters. Even Andrew at kindy likes Frozen. Elsa freezes Ahhhhna’s heart. Hans tries to cut Elsa. Kristoff is Ahhhhhna’s best prince. Sbent is a reindeer. Olaf is a snowman, he has a nose from a carrot and it’s SO funny! I like Frozen. It’s my favourite movie actually.

Monsters University


Monsters Anniversity is with Sullivan and Mike-Wizowskee. They are monsters. They are scarers. Sullivan and all of the monsters try to be scarers. They are at anniversity and they are all monsters! I like Monsters Anniversity. It’s actually my favourite movie.

The Lion King


The Lion King is about that .. um .. little tiger’s Dad is dead. That’s he isn’t alive anymore. He wants to be king. I like The Lion King. It’s not my favourite movie because it’s sad but I like it, it’s my favourite movie actually.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs


Charmy-is-a-bowl-of-meetballs is about .. I don’t know. Meatballs. I like it. Let’s watch that movie. Please?

The Little Mermaid


This is about Ariel. She has got a mermaid tail and she flashes and the witch comes. I love this movie. I want to be a mermaid. No, I want to be Elsa.



This movie is about Rapunzel and she has long hair and a purple dress. And a tiara. And she hits Flynn with a frying pan. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. I want hair like Rapunzel.



Planes is about Busty. I don’t know what happens in this movie, me and dad left the movie.

The Pirate Fairy


It’s about Tinkerbell and Serena. They see a pirate. I want to watch Charmy-is-a-bowl-of-meetballs.

The Smurfs


I don’t like the Sweerfs.


And, there you have it. Now you know what movies are worth watching, and which aren’t! Or, you don’t. Never mind – you’re going to have to watch them yourself!




Have kids, they said …

Kids. Ain’t nothin’ sweeter in the world. Nothing that radiates more joy, more simplistic enthusiasm, more love, than children.


I am a Stay At Home Mother to three children, all under the age of five. Yes, we realise how it happened. Yes, I have my hands full. Yes, it can be chaotic at times all the time. No, I’ve not lost my mind. Yet.

Let’s meet my kids. Princess is 4, going on 14. Precocious, very clever (too clever to con) with a memory like an elephant. Main goal in life: to have hair like Rapunzel. BoyChild is 2 (nearly 3). Rambunctious and silent like a ninja, a combination which will, I’m sure, serve him well one day. Not today. Baby Girl is, well, a baby. Eager to join in with the older two. Frighteningly determined and adorably cute, perhaps the one to watch.

Let it be said at this point, I adore my children. I love them to pieces, my life would be incomplete without them. This blog is in no way intended to humiliate them, hence not using their real names. Wait, what?! You didn’t really name your son, BoyChild?? No. These kids give me great joy and laughter a million times a day. They also lead me to a level of frustration I never thought possible.

The aim of this blog is to tell the truth. People talk about all the amazing things their kids do, there is a hideous undercurrent of competition amongst parents. I do that too, I’m sure. But I also am realistic about my kids. Sometimes, Princess is that kid picking their nose at mat time. Occassionally, BoyChild was that kid taking cupcakes off other kids at a bbq.

Having kids has taught me a lot, about life, about people, about myself.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Mrs T